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Process and Pricing

How do I engage Happy to Help?

Do you have a minimum?

How much does it cost to use Happy to Help?

Is pricing the same for off hours and weekends?

Do you have a cancellation and refund policy?

Is there a long-term commitment if I buy a package?

What happens if I do not use all the hours in the package in a given month?

About Us

How are the monthly package distributed throughout the month?

When is payment due and how do I pay?

When Happy to Help shops for us, how does payment for goods work?

What are your methods of payment?

Are you insured?

What areas do you serve?

Do you have gift certificates?

When are concierges available?

Why use Happy to Help instead of Instacart or Shipt?

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Customer Experiences

Discover amazing stories of how Happy to Help has transformed customers’ lives for the better.

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From Our Founder’s backstory to our values and more, learn why Happy to Help thrives on making more goodness bloom in our customers lives.

Our Process

Partnering with Happy to Help is a piece of cake. We meets clients where they are and help get them to where they need and want to be.

Our Services

Discover The Myriad Of Ways Happy To Help Can Give You More Time To Enjoy Your Life On A New Level.

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How much does it cost? Just like the price of a house, it depends on many different factors; your unique situation and particular desires drive the cost of a customized solution to get you exactly what you need.

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