Happiness is in the Details

Listening to the space between the big and small moments we carefully craft experiences to keep our clients coming back for more.

Our Values

Happy to Help takes pride in exceeding expectations. We help our clients put their focus on what really matters to them and achieve this by listening actively, focusing on details and leading heart forward with discretion.

We Value Discretion, Professionalism, and Hard Work.
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Understanding & Empathy

We really listen to your needs and goals.  We meet you where you are and we will get you where you need to be.

Details are everything

We worry about everything so you don’t have to.  We believe every detail matters.

Non-judgmental and caring

We take it seriously that you are inviting us into your life and trusting us to get the job done.  We strive to always exceed your expectations.


Your business is your business and no one else’s except yours.  We take care of your requests with confidentiality.

Nicole Carberry
Founder - H2H

Our Founder

With a knack for getting things done and making the seemingly impossible happen, our founder Nicole Carberry has built a following of people who depend on her for time-saving tasks and creative solutions. Nicole always delivers with a smile, a bit of sass, and her go-to words, “Happy to Help,” when she makes the lives of her customers and friends just a little bit better.

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Helping others is what life is all about, and at Happy to Help, positively impacting people's lives is as rewarding as it gets. Happiness is contagious, improves productivity, changes perceptions, and relieves stress. We are Happy to Help spread all that goodness around.

Nicole Carberry
Founder - H2H

What to Expect

Your life will instantly get better! Let us handle the stuff you don’t want to or shouldn’t be doing yourself—also quite a few things you may have never even considered. Treat yourself to a better way of living.

Team Concierge

Like our customers, our team consists of individuals with unique personalities & extraordinary skills, and a passion to make the most of every moment.


Founder / Lead Concierge


Concierge Specialist


Concierge Assistant

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Happy Customers

Our clients say it best! See how Happy to Help has transformed our clients’ lives for the better.

Our Process

Partnering with Happy to Help is a piece of cake. We meet clients where they are and help get them to where they need and want to be.

Our Services

Discover The Myriad Of Ways Happy To Help Can Give You More Time To Enjoy Your Life On A New Level.

Memberships For Every Need, Plan, Or Project

How much does it cost? Just like the price of a house, it depends on many different factors; your unique situation and particular desires drive the cost of a customized solution to get you exactly what you need.


Frequently Asked Questions

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