A letter from the Founder

We all want more time.  More time to spend with those we love.  More time to pursue our passions.  More time to relax.  More time to travel.  More time to take care of our families and ourselves. I’d like to be able to help you get back that time by doing the items on your list that aren’t your cup of tea.  Let me explain…

After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in communications, I made my home in the East Bay. During my nearly twenty years here, I’ve worked for other people and I’ve owned my own business.  I’ve raised two daughters.  I’ve been married.  I’ve been divorced.  I’ve been a PTA gala chair and a Girl Scout leader. I’ve run a commercial kitchen. All of those roles have taught me to think on feet and get creative about solving problems.  

In my 20’s, I worked for both a jewelry designer and a clothing designer and I spent my days traveling the world selling their wares.  I loved those jobs! But that was my first leap into the world of “just figure it out and figure it out now!" I once had to track down a leather jacket that was either left in a cab, a bar, or a night club in Paris. I’ve located 300 fresh lycée nuts in NYC in the middle of a snowstorm on zero notice for a trade show booth.  Fast forward 20 years and the tasks have changed but the process didn’t. I’ve relocated a 250-person day camp the same day it was to open, I always had flour during a global pandemic and I never once ran out of toilet paper. How did I manage those things? You don’t need the details; you just need to know they got done. I’m a get stuff done, figure it out, kind of gal.

Sometimes, we can do a job with just our staff. But sometimes we need to partner with another person or company to achieve the desired results.  Trust me, you don’t want me to work on your plumbing but I can get your plumbing fixed! I’ve spent two decades cultivating relationships with everyone from plumbers to chefs to boutique owners to fitness instructors. I would be happy coordinate relationships for you with other professional who are as dedicated to the craft of customer service as they are to their trade.  

When I owned a dessert catering company, I often catered first birthday, showers, and weddings.  I was always so honored to be a part of those special moments in my client’s lives. But a decade later, I realize that life isn’t just measured by the big moments, it’s measured in the space between those moments too.  I’d be happy to help with you have more time and space for both the big and small moments.  



"I realize that life isn't just measured by the big moments. It's measured in the space between those moments too. I'd be happy for you to have more time and space for both the big and small moments."

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