What Would You Do With More Time?

The concierge team at Happy to Help specializes in simplifying life’s chaos to give you more time to do the things you love.

Sometimes We Spend More Time Managing Our Lives Than We Do Living Them. 

Let's Change That.

Happy to Help Concierge frees up your time and eliminates your stress by completing your to-do lists and holding down the fort. Let us personalize a solution for you.

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Our client solution sets are highly personalized to meet specific needs; however, many service commonalities exist for specific client types. Explore relevant services by selecting the description below that most closely relates to you or your current situation.

Balance Is Hard Enough.
Offload the Tasks That
Are Weighing You Down.

Many of our clients had no idea how much time could be saved by delegating and planning. We are experts at time-saving processes and are happy to share the gift of time with our clients.

Concierge Services

We Offer Help For Life, House, & Family Management

Happy to Help Concierge frees up your time in so many ways; organizing, planning, completing to-do lists, special moment enhancements, and much more to elevate your every day.

Life Management

Every day help with your to-do list. From waiting for the cable company to gathering the perfect ingredients for that special dinner party, we get things done.

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Maintaining your house takes work and emergencies take up time. Let us do the leg work for you.

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Need help booking summer camps and getting that toy room under control? We can help!

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& Moments

From sweet sixteen to anniversaries and birthdays, we help make special moments spectacular.

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From packing to pet and home care to a seemless vacation reentry, we make vacationing go as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey.

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Kid & Teen

We act as the parent your kid can’t argue with that will make both your lives even better. Happy to be that person for you!

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Life’s a

Parties, whether big or small, create memories to last a lifetime.  We craft unforgettable events that become legend.

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Other stuff

Everyone is different and unique and eccentric requests are fun. As long as it’s legal (wink) we’ll make it happen for you.

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Happy Customers

Our clients say it best! See how Happy to Help has transformed our clients’ lives for the better.

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Happy to Help

From our founder’s backstory to our values and more, learn why Happy to Help thrives on making more goodness bloom in our customers lives.

Our Process

Partnering with Happy to Help is a piece of cake. We meet clients where they are and help get them to where they need and want to be.

Memberships For Every Need, Plan, Or Project

How much does it cost? Just like the price of a house, it depends on many different factors; your unique situation and particular desires drive the cost of the solution customized to get you what you need.


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