During the Middle Ages in France, every castle had a “Comte des Cierges” or a Keeper of the Candles.  This job required the Comte des Cierges to have a key to every room in the castle and in turn, the complete trust of the King. Fast forward a few hundred years and that original job description still holds true. A personal concierge holds the keys of your life and is able to unlock more time and space for you to live your life instead of managing it.

Personal Concierges come by many names:  Lifestyle Manager, Estate Manager, Lifestyle Concierge, Gal (or Guy) Friday to name a few. But they all mean the same. Someone, our in our case a team of people, dedicated to the craft of getting stuff done. And by stuff we mean the business of your extraordinary and ordinary life. We partner with travel agents to plan you the best vacation ever and we make sure your house is ready to welcome you back.  We make homemade cupcakes for kids birthday parties and we plan the parties too.  We wait for the cable guy who despite giving you a 4 hour window, took 6 hours.  In short, we do your to do list.

Sometimes we are asked to do things our clients don’t have time for like weekly grocery shopping and gift shopping.  Sometimes our clients have us do things they hate doing like matching what seems like 1 million socks. And other times we do things they don’t know how to do like find the plumber who, once and for all, will fix that dripping faucet in the master bath.  Hiring a personal concierge company means you only need to hire one person to make all the other things happen.  Our partners, like us, are masters of their crafts.  

Why should you hire a personal concierge? According to the 2021 Bureau of Labor nationwide poll, the average American spends 15+ hours per week completing household tasks.  What if you had someone who could take one third of that off your plate?  What would you do with 5 extra hours per week? 15 hours?

We often hear clients says the benefits of having help gives them time and space to slow down and enjoy the little moments in between the big events like lingering over dinner with their family. Having help also reduces yours tress.  It’s a big bonus to your sleep when you close your eyes and your to do list isn’t swirling in your head.  

Sometimes we spend more time managing our lives that we do living them.  

Let’s change that.

“Personal concierge services excel in optimizing time management by taking over time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. A personal concierge will give you back time.”

Get more time for the things you love!

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